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    TROLOLOLOLO- *smack*

    He did the thing

    I want to grow my own food, but I can't find any bacon seeds. :)

    heh heh heh

    haha so true

    hahaha okay his face in that video.. the timing is too perfect


    yup ;)

    Not to mention the fact that I play video games, am smart and sarcastic, and can dress you in custom costumes or clothing. Sometimes I'm amazed I'm single.

    Back in the day my kind of flirting was touching my crushes thumb while playing heads up seven up

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    DO do do do!

    And right now you are saying the rhyme in your head! :)

    haha!I have a chalk board wall in my dining room, and I did this! When we erased the whole board my sister found it and freaked out.

    Awkward things we all do...

    Fell for it.

    how true is this though????

    i just did