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  • Katya Davitashvili

    wedding hair do!

  • Lindsey Eechaute

    Gorgeous idea for bridesmaid hair! Girls are picking, I'm just providing ideas for their updo's :-)

  • Candace Dyer

    Wedding Updo

  • Courtney DeWitt

    Nice up-do for the ladies tired of the norm... looks fairly easy, spray (or lightly wax) damp hair before curling on medium to small rollers making sure the top curlers pull the roots upwards. Dry completely (that's normally where I fail), then loosen in a coil, don't "unroll". Spray for lift and loosely french twist it. Nice! I recently had this done for a wedding and a wave runner was used instead. My most fav updo ever!

  • Antonella Palmieri

    Wedding hair updo idea.

  • Taylor Gamble

    wedding hair style

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