How to build your own bamboo bike trailer

How to build your own bamboo bike trailer

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Sigmund's Pretzel Cart - classic style pretzel cart in soft grey blue with glass display case, black wheels and black signage

Free advice on how to fix your bicycle: Big Homebuilt El Cheapo Bicycle Cargo Trailer

DIY bike trailer~ this is the perfect platform for our dog/ grocery bike…

DIY wine for two cycling kit. Made from scraps (so zero $$) by my adorable handyman boyfriend. The mason jars screw into the lid so they're secure and the wine bottle is held in place by an extra water bottle holder from another bike he had lying around. And still some extra room for cheese and a baguette :-) It's secured with a cover that doubles as a table.

12 DIY Ways to Pimp Your (Bike) Ride

Step by step instructions for building a low cost bike trailer. #beselfrelaint

Building a Bike Trailer on the Cheap!

Bike Trailers on Pinterest | Kayak Trailer, Utility Trailer and ...

I want to know how they did the axle for the one in the picture, because it uses bicycle wheels

Custom BicycleTrailers by A.B.E. Bike Trailers (Alternative Bicycling Entrepreneurs)

Custom BicycleTrailers by A. Bike Trailers (Alternative Bicycling Entrepreneurs) That's the idea!

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Here's a test tube spice rack that I made to hold all of my spices. I tried to improve upon previous test tube spice racks that I've seen by using a nice.

Como hacer un remolque de palets para una bicicleta

10 bucks will build this DIY Pallet Bike Trailer from Instructables. Great for hauling valuables and emergency supplies around in the event of a disaster.

This trailer was designed to carry tools around the city. Super useful!

Biga, the Bike Trailer

In support of a bicycle workshop I have decided with my friends to build a trailer to carry the tools around the city.We were not skilled in welding iron frames, .

PVC Teardrop Bike Trailer

You might recall that I posted a design concept a while back for an ultralight teardrop shaped tiny house trailer that could theoretically be pulled by a bicycle. Shortly after posting the idea I w…