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Baking Soda + Orange Juice mask: this combo gets rid of blackheads like nobodys business and is great for treating hormonal breakouts. The baking soda exfoliates and fights acne while the acid in the orange juice tightens pores and the vitamin C brightens This stuff really works!!

Do It Yourself! Natural Beauty 101

Clear Complexion: 1tbsp. citrus juice and 1tbsp. baking soda --Combine the citrus juice and baking soda, it will fizz a lot so stir until the bubbling lessens. Apply to your face and then leave on for 20min. and then rinse. Benefits: citrus exfoliates and brightens and helps keep pores clean. baking soda takes away dead skin cells and helps to prevent blackheads.

Blackhead removal! Mix lemon juice and baking soda until you have a paste, apply, and wait until its dry!

DIY Blackhead Removal Peel Off Mask

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Dr. Oz teeth whitening

DIY: Use Baking Soda To Exfoliate Your Skin

3 DIY Facials You Can Make In Your Own Kitchen - fresh, home made skin-care goodness! Easy and awesome - my tricky skin has led me to experiment with a lot of things over the years, and honey is my favorite dependable beauty treatment. / Colleen at

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Inexpensive ways to whiten teeth: $2 mouth guard, hydrogen peroxide, baking soda, 20 minutes a day for 2 weeks... And you just saved $750.

How to Get Rid of Blackheads: 6 Tricks For Clear Skin

How to Get Rid of Blackheads. I was surprised by solution #4!