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This shows that humans should not seek revenge on other humans. Instead, give up your pride to save others from the hellfire.

All the believers according to me should convert in Islam...why? Beacause is the last religion reveled by God to all the humanity ;)

If a friendship lasts longer than 7 years, psychologists say it will last a lifetime

Women in islam are honoured, cherished, protected and given rights. Qoutes of Umar ibn khattab (r.a)

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What You Need To Hear - Great Friendship Quote

For me, this is a must. I will say things not because they want to be heard but they need to be heard. Someone opened my eyes with this same action when I was boy who thought he knew everything. Thank you Sharla, you opened my eyes and set me free. Steven

A bad deed which you regret in your heart is a thousand times better, than the good deed that makes you feel proud.