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“Just The Two Of Us” Bisque Porcelain Figurine

Just The Two Of Us 小時候好喜歡水滴娃娃 浪漫又療傷 現在發現原來水滴娃娃的英文叫做precious moments 而且官方網站併在迪士尼下面唷 之所以叫做水滴娃娃 因為他們的眼睛是水滴狀的

I do truly fall in love with you more & more everyday. The distance between us has just proved to me how much I love you & how desperately I need you in my life.

"He's adopted." And we all know it is a scientific fact that James is Sirius' boyfriend (NOT in a romantic way!). I know two people who are quite like those two only more serious.