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I was aiming to capture a distorted portrait of the farmer inside his family home to show that his problems don't leave him at the front door, the pain and suffering follows him, i looked at using two light sources one on the farmers face and the other in the background showing the pots and oven to create contacts for where the man is that may lead to the viewer to portray the image how i would like them to. i would like to reedit this image as the colour palette docent fit with my other…

I wanted to see how shooting in the morning after milking would look like, as the sun has already risen the light was to powerful to create a dark dramatic lighting effect so i look to create shallowest of the cows, however looking closely two cows are having sex and thats funny, this wouldn't fit with my other images as its lighter and funnier then the others not what I'm going for.

This images is very graphical, with the milk splatted on the ground going down a dirt drain with a dog drinking it. this is very abstract but grouping this image with the foot print and the milk going down the drain as the same, I think that the other one has more meaning as it shows the passing of the farmer, compered to this as a dog. I would like to focus my story board more about the farms struggle then the animals or what happens on a farm, i believe the other image is stronger.

I wanted to show the children as the only faces through my story board as ultimately they are at the back lash of the industry as they are with held from a normal childhood instead they have to help work on the farm just try assist the farmer from his own pain. I'm just worried that this image is a normal newspaper image, i would like to go back and challenge this concept on my next trip to the farm.

Going hunting on the farm, I saw the opportunity to capture a image that would expose the stain of depression and the increased suicided rate that has been created by the current dairy industry. listening to story that was told by the farmer and other farmers on the radio of members of the community that are no longer with us, i was moved by the exerted reality of this men and women, i want to involve the gun to suggest this death is occurring and in my story board i want to cover all…

looking back on this image I don't believe this is successful to my intention as the farmers face is shown and i want to keep his identity as a mystery because I don't want to have a sires of images that looks as though it is all about the one farmers struggle, i want to contextualise for all fair farmers, looking at the newspaper images that is what i was lead to believe astray followed only one farmer. the farmer is coming put of the dark seeming as he is leaving the dark not walking into…

I was looking to capture a working image of the farmer thing to advoide showing the audience a step by step approach, but still trying to capture an abstract image that fits with my intention of the effect of exposing the shadows. Using what I have learnt from looking at Paul Batt and Bruce Davidson's work, having a distance from the subject will change the way the flash reacts with my subject

Focusing on capturing a opening image that shows the space of where and what the viewers are looking at, this is the yard of the dairy shed. I also wanted to introduce my intention of how I wanted the viewer to view my subject matter in the dark depressed mood, so i looked to create a shallowest of the shed to try convey that the dairy shed looms over the farmers and that it is a dark place (emotionally) to attended to

through my inspirational work Jc Epong's working image inspired this image, as i want to avoid a step by step description of what a dairy farmers douse, instead capture a moment during working when to seems that time has stopped and everything is focused on the farmer. here the farmer is slumped over with the feeling of emotions burning him out, he seems that he is giving up with this life, the cow is looking down to him, asking for help from the farm, another weight on the mans shoulders

Aiming to have a story board with images that tell their own story but still adding to the overall narrative, here i saw the farmer walking off in the dark back to the car, on the left there were dead trees and wooden fences. I want to communicate that the dairy industry is dead and the farmer is left to walking into the unknown. i want to create meaning and messages through all my images through this series.