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  • Fi Star-Stone

    funny toddler quotes | Funny kids quotes

  • TammyMaree

    A hahaha!! Yes little one is quite the artist, she has drawn on all the walls through the house in the past, luckily it came off. As for the bit about shaving the dog.....I hope that she never feels inclined to do that, lol. Kids are funny things, this is a very appropriate e-card. ;)

  • PJ Malone

    #funny quote: This makes me laugh

  • Itzy Ritzy

    Very funny - great humor for moms :) | Pinned by Itzy Ritzy | #itzyritzy #ecard #funny #humor #moms #parenting #motherhood

  • Engravable Creations

    Go to that place...the happy place... #kids #humor #LOL

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