toilet paper rolls cut on side and use as a cuff to save your wrapping paper.

Shopping bag storage container made from a pinesol container. Just cut bottom off, nail onto your wall, and fill.

Some of these ideas are just genius!

Gift wrapping organization

Use aluminum foil instead of painter's tape over awkward fixtures...GENIUS.

The best cookie courier is in your kitchen. Reuse empty cardboard boxes from rolls of foil & parchment paper, and voila!

50 Life Hacks to Simplify your World

this would have saved me a lot of money in college.

60 New Uses For Everyday Items ~ Use a rubber band around your paint can to wipe off excess paint instead of getting the sides all messy. This way the lid doesn't get stuck on!

Use a paper clip to turn a bra into a racerback, or to hide straps that keep poking out from sleeveless tops.

Pop top as picture hanger, clever.

Paper Towel Holder, Book Rings, Clear Plastic Sleeves

I just tried this and It works great. So much cheaper. This is Genius! Don't throw your empty kleenex boxes away. Open the one end and put a roll of T.P. in it and you have popup tissues! (You need to take the roll out and use it from the center to make it easier.)

Toilet paper roll, use glue dots to wrap with wrapping paper, put a small gift inside, wrap with clear wrap!

made out of toilet paper rolls

empty toilet paper rolls and a shoe box make cable organization easy

Taming wrapping paper

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