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CHANGE MANAGEMENT | Trust as an economic driver is featured on the CPLP Knowledge Exam | Visual Metaphor -Trust #Sketchnotes

Visual Note-Taking Slide25 by sunni.brightspot.brown, via Flickr

Oh, these could make the cutest Bullet Journal icons ever! (If I can draw them, that's it...)

visual metaphors: A visual metaphor is an image that connotes something over and above its denotative aspect – it carries an idea that resonates with readers or audiences on many levels. It forms part of an image system that informs and supports the story’s hidden meaning while at the same time helping to define its visual context.

Financial Icons by Olja Ilyushchanka, via Behance (Two colors, very linear)

The Noun Project is a free, online symbol library of the world's visual language that can be understood by all cultures and all people.

"You don't have to fill the whole page" --This is something I'd like to remember. I always feel I *need* to fill a whole page. Previous Pinner:: sketchnote_pg5_500x820

Storytelling #sketchnotes. Nice example for the students