Visual metaphors #Sketchnotes

Learn to draw cartoon expressions and features of the face.  This is a good lesson for beginners.

Visual-metaphors-argument #Sketchnotes

Stick figure logo choices

Tips for sketchnoting

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90 Hand drawn arrow & symbol photoshop brushes - free

Visual Metaphors - Success #Sketchnotes

Visual Metaphor - #danger #Sketchnotes

Visual Metaphor -Trust #Sketchnotes

#Sketchnotes: Building my visual vocabulary | by Sacha Chua

Visual Work and Thinking

How to Visual Harvest. ModelMinds Visual Guide Preview.

Visual note taking

Sunni Brown's "6 Fundamentals of Visual Notetaking"

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Native American symbols

Visual thinking by James Macanufo - summarized

Visual Flow- sketchnoting!