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50 Spectacular Gifts Under $500

Graziela Sapphire Earrings With shine so strong, it's easy to tell why some blues are called royal. $6,100;

Le Cygne necklace by Wallace Chan is a mystical scene captured in a range of precious materials including fancy coloured diamonds, sapphires and crystal. The natural crystal represents the water disturbed by the swan as it spreads its wings. The swan's body is titanium in which three diamonds are embedded, and underneath three diamonds smaller diamonds are cleverly placed to enhance brilliance.

A true masterpiece this Swan Ring in 18k white gold, white sea pearl, diamonds, blue sapphires and topaz emamel from Birds of Paradise Collection | Master Exclusive Jewellery

Tips On How To Enhance Your Jewelry Collection

itmovesmemorelol: these look cool - faerie wing earrings source (made by): Under The Ivy… The Dance at Alder Cove ☽✪☾ Youth/Father/Geezer - I see you

Star K Sterling Silver Large Love Swan Pendant

Brooch Swan - buy in Mousson Atelier - white gold, yellow gold, Baroque pearl, diamonds, multicolored sapphires, enamel

Sapphire beauty & Crystal Swan

Sapphire beauty & Crystal Swan Necklace, 2 for $3 Jewelry Necklaces

Lalique - 1898 'Leda and the Swan' Gold Pendant. A frame of enameled gold water lilies encloses a nude woman drying her long tresses as she watches a swan in a piqué-à-jour blue pond at her feet making advances to her w/his beak. At the base of the frame between two lilies is a dark blue sapphire in a rectangular border