Africa | Hambukushu woman and child fishing, Okavango Delta, Botswana |


just some african children laughing.

This is so beautiful.

African children // this makes me happy because they are getting food in those little bellies

world of africa



ORANGE & PARK - Africa print

water source #photography

7. Go to Africa. I thought of posting a picture of animals, since that's what people usually go to Africa to see, but then I decided to post this, because I think it would be great to see the African culture too! I think it's very beautiful!

Beautiful Ethiopian girl

Children photographed in Tanzania; adoption


When you see hope like this in a place like Africa, it makes you feel a little silly when we have a hard time finding it here (in the US)

Beautiful children.

Children in Uganda | photography by

Africa | Child laughing next to a three leg cooking pot. South Africa. | Scanned old postcard. ca. 1940s

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Children in Uganda, Africa. Please look in their eyes and try not to smile