so precious

look at those curls! This is what two of my girls my natural hair looks like. Unfortunately combing maintaining long curly kid hair means there is lots of I know's, so sorry, it's almost over to thier screaming and tears. :(

She makes me smile! SO cute, they battle so many things but they always see the positive thing. To people with Down Syndrome you deserve all the joy you can get.



This is such a beautiful child!

God's beautiful children

Africa, Child

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He's so cute I want to die a little bit

Botswana © Courtney King Gorgeous Little boy, beautiful smile, glitter in those eyes...just precious

Smiling girl, and knows how to pose!

Precious smile

So very much joy!

happiness. by Ayan Villafuerte


This makes my heart happy

pure joy!

the same in any language

beautiful child