Teacher... has this on her door. Love it!

It is a direct correlation...

I want this for my classroom!

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Instead of I don't know...this is GREAT :)

100 classroom organizing ideas

22 Creative Classroom Door Ideas

Classroom Door Decorations #teaching #doordecorations #classrooms

great saying

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Pandora in the Classroom. I've been looking for appropriate stations for so long!!

teacher quote

Free! Responsibility Poster

Own your actions

attention-getters. Reminds me of a teacher who would just love to burst out in song, for example....have a little patience....then the other children would join in.

Our Promise to Each Other Poster...Freebie!!

Gets the point across well.

I'm going to make this into a poster to hang in my classroom!

Teacher's Prayer | Holly Monroe Calligraphy – Holly Monroe and Clifford Mansley : Heirloom Artists

love this!