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    "Cloud dough is a lovely sensory experience to provide for preschool children. It has a beautiful silky smooth texture and can smell divine… depending on which baby oil you choose to add to the mix. Here is the recipe… and oh so easy! 8 cups of plain flour to 1 cup of baby oil. Enjoy mixing!"

    Lavender cloud dough is therapeutic and helps soothe, calm, and relax little ones. It is AMAZING the effect this cloud dough has on chilling out my kids and refocusing their energies in positive ways. {Great for time out, just before bed time, and anytime you need to calm kids down}

    Silky soft play dough for kids using 2 ingredients: 1 cup conditioner (cheaper the better) 2 cups cornflour/cornstarch Glitter (optional)

    Three Ingredient Snow Dough - This stuff is really fun to mold and squish!

    A simple recipe to make slime...great sensory activity!

    Cool science experiment for kids: make your own squishy "clouds" in the kitchen.

    Crnstarch and baking soda playdough! WAY better than flour and salt. (and i used kool-aid for color and scent instead of paint)

    This blog has some of the most amazing sensory activities!!!

    Recipe for floam! I loved playing with this stuff

    This EASY shaving cream play dough is so much fun! The texture is silky smooth and it only needs two ingredients!

    Pinner: All you need is a bottle of shaving cream and a box of corn starch. This was enough for two tubs of this wonderful, fluffy stuff! We poured about half the box of corn starch in each tub and then just squirted the shaving cream into them. We used the entire bottle between the two tubs. The incredible thing about this is that after a bit, it's moldable! The kids LOVED it.

    Only 2 ingredient play dough. Conditioner and Corn starch.

    Bubble Dough | Creative Playhouse

    how to make chalk, play dough, crayons, watercolors....

    sensory bottles

    The ULTIMATE play recipes collection- slimes, gaks, goops, goos, doughs, paints, chalk, glues, glowing recipes, and SO MUCH MORE! Need a recipe for art or play? It's here!

    "Homemade Gak - the cheapest, quickest and easiest project for the kiddos, which has provided HOURS of entertainment!!" Will have to try this one... a lot of DIY play dough recipes are not so easy.

    Art & Play Recipes collection from Growing A Jeweled Rose- includes several recipes for slime, gak, goop, play dough, paints, cloud dough, chalk, glue, glow water, and SO MUCH MORE!

    sensory activities with water beads

    ivory soap explosion experiment

    Foaming Science Experiment (Elephant Toothpaste)