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"Triumph of Poseidon and Amphitrite", detail of a vast Roman mosaic from Cirta, now in the Louvre (ca. 315–325 AD).

Roman mosaic in the House of Amphitrite ~ Located at Bulla Regia, an archaeological site in northwestern Tunisia, a former Roman city near modern Jendouba

Roman mosaic depicting the Triumph of Amphitrite & Neptune (Poseidon), detail of a vast mosaic from Cirta, Roman Africa (ca. 315–325 AD -- The Louvre, Paris.

Ajax the Lesser drags Cassandra from the Palladium. Detail from a Roman fresco in the atrium of the Casa del Menandro (I 10, 4) in Pompeii.

Statue of Diana, from Pompeii, c.50-59 (fresco). Roman, (1st century AD) / Museo Archeologico Nazionale, Naples, Italy / Giraudon / The Bridgeman Art Library

Néréide, dolphins and other sea creatures. Detail of a Roman mosaic from Carthage. Tunisia.


Mosaic of Dionysus Riding a Leopard circa 180 AD

Mosaic of Dionysus riding a leopard, Greece, ca.180 AD

“Mona Lisa of Galilee”, from the 3rd century city of Sepphoris, in what was then Roman Palestine. She is part of a large mosaic - whose main subject is Dionysus - which decorates the triclinium floor in a grand villa. Roman mosaic artists were certainly masters of the craft. The color and detail is incredible.

A mosaic preserved in Zippori (Sephoris) National Park in Israel, site of excellent Roman ruins and mosaics.