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Explore Levels Hit, Ice Levels, and more!

from Inhabitat

Arctic sea ice levels hit a new winter low - again

The rainforests are the lungs of the earth. Trees provide a carbon sink for 20% of the world's carbon. With increased deforestation, CO2 levels increase.

A team of top scientists is telling world leaders to stop congratulating themselves on the Paris agreement to fight climate change because if more isn't done global temperatures will likely hit dangerous warming levels in about 35 years.

Fossil fuel global warming sends earth into temperatures not seen in 2 million years! See

For the second year in a row, global CO2 emissions hit new record In 2011, keeping world on track for devastating 11°F (6°C) warming

from the Guardian

Prince Charles on brink of ending all fossil fuel investments

Prince Charles visiting flood-hit communities on the Somerset levels in February 2014 . He has frequently voiced the need for rapid action on global warming.

National Geographic: 5 Things You Need to Know About the Warming Arctic. The rate at which Arctic sea ice is shrinking due to climate change continues to make headlines as scientists monitor and predict what is "becoming a journey into uncharted territory." Recent data from the National Snow and Ice Data Center revealed sea ice in the Arctic hit its summer low point, tying 2007 for the second lowest extent on record. With global temperatures on the rise and already at levels not seen in…

This finding comes from new research also showing that the Arctic, North America and Europe will be the first regions to transition to a new climate

As CO2 levels hit a new record global high of 405.66 ppm yesterday, I couldn't help but think that HG Wells could not have imagined a more perilous mechanism for exploring the world's past. For whe...