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A lab puppy & engagement ring. this is how i want to be proposed to. maybe on my birthday or on christmas. i open the box and there is an adorable black or silver lab w/ a bow around their neck and an engagement ring.

Dogs served our country to they should have some credit. Please share comment and like to spread the word.

Option spread trading has many advantages and add flexibility - from the simple debit or credit spread to more advanced strategies such as calendar spreads, butterflies, iron condors and ratios.

American Bulldog who shares my views!

A Boxer's tongue.a thing of beauty to behold! It gives the very best kisses in the world. Love my boxer. My old boxer had the longest tongue ever.

See, . . . everyone . . . EVERYONE has something they can do to make the world a better place for us all.  You don't have to do everything; just do something that YOU love to make things better.

OMG, He Even Has His Own ID

we could learn a thing or two from animals: Therapy Dogs, Amazing Dogs, Reason Dogs, Companion Dog, Giant Schnauzer

Look Sweet Brown Has A Dog - NoWayGirl

Oh Lord Jesus, it's a fire! cute birthday pug, not so cute face!