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I used my not-so-white oak for the cheeks. I think that is a great example of an area where the not-so-white oak is perfectly suitable and the wood for the cheeks probably cost me like $5.00. The 8/4 FIr on the other hand cost me quite a bit, though it was amazing pieces with lots of tight growth rings perfectly perpendicular. The water line is right at the height of the table. It makes it look like a not-that-big of a boat... maybe I can do this!

Took me about 2 months to finish the bitts, bench seats and rudder. Wish I had taken pictures of the rudder construction. It has 1/4" bronze bars running through it to hold the 3 pieces of Douglass Fir together. It was quite a task, especially getting the holes drilled for the bronze drifts. I didn't fill in the bungs on the top so that the top can be removed to shape the receiving hole for the tiller.

Tonight's project was a frame on which to build the transom frame. The curve matches the inside of the transom frame which was calculated by taking off the thickness of the frame and planking from the radius given on the plans. Tonight I was painfully aware of how little space I would have to work if the boat were parked next to the workbench.

Took a break from boat building this week to make this.

You had to know it would come to this. Boat building has entered the house. When the cats away the boat builders will build.

Gallow frame hardware made in wood waiting to be replicated in bronze.

This rear hatch was fun. My strategy seems to work here. If the hull was done I would have rushed this but since I am doing it early I took my time and did it well. I could have gotten fancy with mahogany strips and such but I set the tone for the boat of beauty in simple functionality.

The finished steamer. It angles so I hope the water will drain back towards the reservoir. The legs slide off for easy storing. Over the holidays I hope to try it out.

Back to work. Tiller is done. Left it long so I can cut off when installed.

take 4. I am persistent if nothing else. I made a sharper radius bend because my previous board was bending back too far. So I'll try this. Cooked it for 2.5 hours and bent right to.