The Palouse_Tapestry Of Colors by kevin mcneal, via Flickr

Mount Rainier

Texas Bluebonnets Highway, United States

The Palouse region, Washington State, USA

Palouse Falls, Washington State. I LOVED living in Seattle! I regret not taking more time to explore other beautiful places in Washington. Another place on my bucket list :)

Beautiful Places -The Palouse Region

Hurricane Ridge, Washington

3,200 Year Old Tree

Reflections of Mt. Rainier in Washington. I am going to have to go there. I am so close probably an hour or two drive if that.

Sea stars Olympic Peninsula, Washington. Enjoy Olympics!

Cherry Blossom Festival, Washington, DC!

~~ beautiful world~~

A veces el color nos espera en pequeños rincones de la naturaleza. Nos ha enamorado esta escalera bañada de hojas otoñales | Sometimes colour awaits us in little corners of nature. We've fallen in love with these stairs surrounded by autumn flowers.

Massive HP Supercell in northern Texas, somewhere beyond Electra, TX. 5/8/15 Not the best of chase days, but we did manage to see some awesome structure. This is one of my best shots from the day. Chasers And The Storm. Really nice HP structure! Check out the color of that rain/hail core! Can't wait to get back out there later today and tomorrow!

Palouse, Washington

Normandy, France

Mount Rainier National Park, Washington


Stunning colors surrounding a cabin