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13 fotos de tatuagens de cachorros - Parte 1

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13 fotos de tatuagens de Catrinas - Parte 1

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13 fotos de tatuagens no estilo Biomecânico - Parte 1

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13 fotos de tatuagens de personagens da DC Comics - Parte 1


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13 das piores fotos de tatuagens na internet - Parte 1

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13 das piores fotos de tatuagens na internet - Parte 4

Bart Bingham

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BuzzFeedfrom BuzzFeed

The 13 Kinds Of Tattoos We All Wanted In 2013

13 Kinds

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holy sh** that's awesome.

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Tatuagem de Peter Klegues. #tattoo #tatuagem #neotradicional #owl #coruja



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Amazing 3D Biomechanical Back Tattoo for Men | Cool Tattoo Designs BioMechanical Tattoos | tattoos picture cool tattoo designs

Gene Coffey

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By Gene Coffey at Tattoo Culture. I've always really liked this watercolor style of tattoo... anybody know how they hold up over time? It seems like fading would be a concern.

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Etsyfrom Etsy

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