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  • Jennifer Bandy

    Birth dates tattoo cool idea for kids birthdays on a mom, I would add my wedding anniversary

  • Olashia Louise

    child's birth date tattoo idea

  • Kari Bennett

    important dates: my birth, wedding date, child's birthday

  • Dallas Foreman

    Great tattoo idea for kids birth dates. hmmm....this looks kinda cool. For all the times she beat cancer.

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small floral tattoo. Love so much.

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Love the look of this tattoo! Not sure if I could get it myself though.

been thinking of getting "je ne regrette rien" on my back, in font this size, same spot on back...

a literary tattoo in a place that isn't awkward or forced AND also manages to look feminine at the same time? stellar.

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but the fighter still remains - I am in love with this tattoo

Holly Valence's text tattoo on the back of the leg/ankle/calf. Great placement with Hebrew text which translates to: "This too shall pass"

its hard to see, but im pretty sure this is redemption with a jesus fish and a cross. Whatcha think Lacee Locke?

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