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    • Sarah D'Ambrosio

      Bombshell Body! Marilyn Monroe in white one piece bathing suit. This is what a woman's body looks like before Photoshop. What happened to being genuine, and where did our society get the idea that rail thin is sexy! I love curves!

    • Idle Hands

      Curves #RealWomen #healthy #beautiful

    • Gabrielle Highlander Laubacher

      Amazing how times have todays world ms monroe wud be considered fat and be forced into eating disorders to become todays version if beauty...she was known as a sultry sex icon....not today tho...the soft curves of a real woman should be sooo desired! Who wants hard bony protrusions when u can have curvy soft flesh of a real beautiful woman?! Cheers to all the REAL beauties out there!

    • Celeste Williams

      #MarilynMonroe - The world's first supermodel was hardly skinny. She was a real woman with curves!

    • Julia Heady

      Marilyn Monroe, the true beauty of a woman. A real woman has curves.

    • Allison Anderson

      Let's hear it for curvy women! She looks healthy AND beautiful...By the 1950s, curves were embraced as Marilyn Monroe rose to fame. Finally, the average-sized woman could feel beautiful, rather than envious, while reading beauty magazines.

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