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this site has great charts for paying off debt or saving for down payments, vacations, cars, etc... Debt Free Charts: Debt Free Chart

Community Post: 6 GIFs Of Horses Jumping Cars

(Seatbelts sold separately.) | 6 GIFs Of Horses Jumping Cars DISCLAIMER: After reading the comments, I found that a few people thought this was me. It took me a while to realize that the rider here, and my name are almost exactly the same. So, although I wish this was me, it is not. All credit goes to Alycia Burton

Someone Took This Guy’s Car And Started Drifting

Someone Took This Guy’s Car And Started Drifting...I don't know who this old lady is, but I will find her, and I will hug her and GADAMN THAT'S FREAKIN' AWESOME!

Item 24 of the bucket list, complete.

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Die Antwoord: An Introduction

Die Antwoord: An Introduction. Hahha nilot goats, but on the same awesome level. Die antwoord, the best.