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    I am still proud to call Barack Obama my President. He has integrity. He gets things done, not in a rushed or half-assed way.

    More Guns, More Mass Shootings—Coincidence? | Mother Jones

    This quilt is amazing--the designer, Jeanette Thompson, has an incredible eye for color (not the mention some of the most precise cutting skills ever!). I love the superposition of the word "hope" over the president's image--it's subtle and beautiful.


    Yeah! An oldie but still a goodie, and still so relevant!

    So perfect. I love it.



    Simply overstating a blaringly obvious truth. I love Colbert.

    I hate this so much, but it is accurate and it needs to be faced, and soon. It only SEEMS exaggerated, even "hysterical" until you read the news as it has piling up. Read the actual quotes. Holy shit. It is NOT hyperbole. It is a war on women.

    I love it when I wake up in the morning and Barack Obama is President. Liked · 2 hours ago

    .Colourful Life onto Colourful Life

    Never been raped? Then SHUT UP.

    The Romney/Ryan ticket: Uniting rapists and fundamentalists since 2012.

    Got to laugh or I'd cry. Hey--I wonder if this works for legitimate rape STIs too. I guess if it didn't, it would be an extra super-special blessing STI from god.

    This is so beautiful, and so sad, and it so humanizes poverty and homelessness. i am so glad that these two souls have each other. I hope they have enough to eat. Sending lots of positive energy their way.


    Love this on so many levels. Wish it could say something more joyful.

    Pick a lane and stick to it, I always say.

    Yessir. It's unusual to catch both at one moment like this. Must be belief-lapse photography.

    Actions do speak louder than words. I love the way this guy invests in America.

    Quick. Before I do a 180 and say something you totally hate...

    Well, duh.

    Aaaw, don't you just love his priorities? If he can make just one woman this happy...

    Reminds me of that B-52's song, and how each of us is living in her/his own private Idaho. In mine, freedom is much different than in Mittens'.