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  • Alicia Yunker

    ReplayNote is an app that records your writing and voice, then converts it to YouTube video. (screencast) Especially helpful for students who are absent from class...just send them the youtube link!

  • Katherine Burdick

    FEE 4.99 Replay Note/Grab a screen from each page of a book, play it and record it - you now have a movie of the book being read in your own voice. Use it to narrate a math problem as you solve it. Use it for demonstration projects.

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Math Bingo App for the iPad - Great for practicing addition, subtraction, multiplication & division. Well worth 99 cents!

Running Records Calculator (assessment): The best thing about the paid version is that it takes an audio recording of the child reading and you can flag tricky parts, but you can go back and listen to any of it again. The curvy arrow also lets you record and send the score and notes to anyone right then and there (in this case, her teacher) and NO PAPER. Also, if using an iPad with a wireless keyboard, you can type much faster than you can write. (From Hello Literacy)

iPad/iPhone app that records students reading and gives you a running record!

Recording app that changes kids voices. Fun for fluency practice?

This running records test app is worth the $1.99. While administering a reading test the teacher enters the words read, number of errors, and number of self corrections. Teachers will then receive feedback on the error rate, percentage rate, self correction rate with the end result if the text was either easy, instructional, or hard for the student.

Running Record Toolbox ($0.99) Our running record calculator will help you take the guesswork out of these questions. Simply punch in how many total words, errors and self-corrections your student made and press CALCULATE. An accuracy percent, error ratio and self-correction ratio will be instantly displayed!

REALLY great tool!!! Apple App for running reading record calculator!

Perfect for creating screencasts on your iPhone or iPad! Will be using this to record app demos for students!

Reading fluency app-$1.99 for app but might be worth it to practice fluency through a timed game with your own kids or in small group at school. Lots of options and levels...from what I've seen, it's best for k-2 and possibly 3.

Draw and Tell is the best drawing app for kids of all ages. Draw or color, add stickers, then talk about your drawing. Move the stickers to create an animation! Your memories and voice recording will be saved with your drawing.

TooLoud! app - hook up to smart board for visual for students so they can manage their noise levels themselves

FREE RR Running Record app for ANDROID via Google Play.