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WALL-E and his Evaaa. Ridiculous amounts of adorable <3

Different but bestfriends . -Quotes Monster inc. I can't relate <3 no matter where life takes you, you will always be my only best friend forever.

Two of my favorites!!! When Toothless And Stitch Have Sleepovers, They Dress Up As Each Other


amymebberson: Danger from Below!

Baby Piglet is so cute!

"Swimming Stitch" Art Print (by Alohalani)

Disney Animals Part 1 Simple Phone Backgrounds by PetiteTiaras

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Disney Quotes!!

May I just proclaim, Stitch has been and always will be the cutest thing ever! to Millie...and Bryan...

Lilo Stitch Laptop Decal

Share the love with Stich and other Disney-inspired crafts, recipes, and printables.

Disney Stitch Doll 47" Plush Lying Cushion Girl Lilo and Stitch Toy BRAND NEW <-- DUDE I NEED ONE!!!

Lilo Stitch

Lilo and Stitch



Disney Stuffed Animals.