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It is not simply deny the reputation of Arabic Mehndi designs in Arabic Henna floral styles are also well known that adds to the beauty of women. Many modern brides prefer Arabic wedding henna designs flowers in your special day … Continue reading →

Summer 2016 in September maybe if not another time but no need to be matching I want it unique

Mehndi is one of the women's craziest art which is applied to hands & palms. Check out some of these mind blowing and innovative back hand mehndi designs for any occasion


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Tattoo with paisley print

like the flower stem & henna pattern. just add heart flower of sorts in henna pattern with color within the

Sporty Henna Tattoo Designs Meanings » Picture 176

Henna Tattoo Designs and Meanings, Henna Tattoos Sleeves: How to Make . Henna Tattoo Designs and Meanings, Beautiful Mehndi Henna Tattoo

mandala birth flower tattoo | dragon henna tattoo cool stuff

shoulder henna, mandala , henna tattoo I would like this at the nape of my neck

Oh. Wow white/silver henna

Ooooh, I've never seen white henna before. Makes me want to go to an Indian wedding. I love the white henna, it is really original and intricate, it also stands out against the tan skin. Maybe I should get some white henna