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Boomer House - The two-story house is laid out on a diamond grid with few right angles. The lower level consists of a compact sitting room, kitchen, bath and servant's room. A narrow winding staircase leads to the second floor which consists of two bedrooms, the master suite and the other for a maid.

Frank Lloyd Wright's Fallingwater Minor

View from Master's Bedroom. John C Pew House. Madison, Wisconsin. 1940. Usonian Style. Frank Lloyd Wright.

Frank Lloyd Wright's Millard House (La Miniatura)

Frank Lloyd Wright. Concrete Block period. Millard House in Pasadena. 1923. AKA "La Miniatura"

Herbert Jacobs House I. Frank Lloyd Wright. Madison, Wisconsin, 1937. The first Usonian home

Stained glass window. Frederick C. Robie House. 1909. Hyde Park, Chicago, Illinois. Prairie Style. Frank Lloyd Wright.

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