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I created and sold these bags on Etsy and at gigs. Each bag was hand-drawn and created conversations between me and the purchaser.

I commissioned the artwork for these badges and created the packaging then sold them online and at gigs.

This is Progress School - I am a valued member of the Leeds group, and together we try to support each other in personal development and often business development. I have helped people with their information needs, to see which client group they really want to work with, to get started with blogging and Twitter, to build networks on LinkedIn and connected them to people I know who can help them.

LibraryBox is a small, inexpensive router with a USB drive that is totally portable and does not require Internet access to serve out materials. A LibraryBox can be anywhere and house books, music, movies, videos, documents, or anything else electronic and people can download those things without Internet access.

Sometimes it's not just about tech - a small, cheap, physical product that was partially created on a computer and partly by hand to share beyond the digital realm.

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Back when I was cool - a performance at Latitude Festival.

I sourced the recycled packaging from the US, folded and glued all the cases myself, designed the sleeve and the booklet, commissioned the badge design and manufactured, recorded and produced the EP, commissioned short stories for the booklet, designed a rubber stamp and stamped and embossed every digipak, burned all the CDs, hand numbered and sold every copy.