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Sehun Chenhun,Exo,Osh 2013


Toff 传说 on

Evolution of EXO's logo #EXO

[HQ] 140531 Chen @ Incheon Airport (cr.exoyeah)

EXO - Nature Republic New Poster (cr. luplay)

keke Chanyeol you are crazy bro~! keke He is sticking Kris to the wall like "I will pin you to the wall~!!" then Kris is like "Ah fuck Chanyeol please dont.... Just dont" kekeke

Baekhyun and Kai - Overdose Polaroid


엑소서울 on

Sehun, Baekhyun and Suho #EXO

Twitter / EXO_M_K: 140514 SEHUN Instagram update: Please accept this flower. #roseday ///Chanyeol is seriously everywhere. Haha

EXO D.O & Suho just cutee! i love how kyungsoo looks with hats... like all types of hats snapbacks... ALL TYPES OF HATS its a gift!!