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CelticClovers St. Patricks Day 2011

Mother-child Celtic knot love for if i ever have kids...

Dragon Faerie celtic | Celtic Knotwork Sleeve Tattoos

Celtic Knot of Motherhood-add the dots to represent your children ( this just may be my next tattoo)..the dots will be the color of their birthstones

The Celtic knot is said to stand for "no beginning, no ending, and the continuation of everlasting love" and/or "the binding together of two souls or spirits for eternity." Many Christians choose this symbol as a sign of their enduring love on special occasions such as Valentine's Day, Mother's Day, and the famous Wedding Day.

Mine, my moms, and my sisters matching mother-daughter celtic knot tattoo!

One fine quote. I have always agreed. Now with the modern colors and techniques a tattoo can be gorgeous. I have seen a number of modern women with fabulous full color flower tattoos and other scenes that will rival oil on canvas. These are true art and the name Tattoo Artist is more than every correct.

Triple Calligraphy Celtic Tattoo - Maiden, Mother, Old Crone