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    Powerful analogy of an apology. This is brilliant, never read something so true!

    48 Ways To Make Your Life A Million Times Better

    LOVE this!

    interesting, and true.

    so so so so so so so true.


    beyond true!

    Very powerful...

    So true... all these quotes about "True love sticking it out", never bring up someones self- esteem... great quote

    So true!

    I don't like the memories because the tears come easily, and once again I break my promise to myself for this day. It's a constant battle. A war between remembering and forgetting. So true.

    True story

    I never looked at it like this! Soooo true, especially since I only truly only take pictures of people I know and my family

    I am learning this over and over This is so true

    He gives you the people you need.

    ...WOW!! Powerful!

    Very true...

    What a great theory...

    so true