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1944 Italy, in Florenz/Ravenna.Panzer V "Panther" driving off-road for the camera.

35 Stunning Images of Panther Tanks Knocked, Burnt, Captured and Abandoned in Normandy, you probably haven't seen before

The Tiger I gave the Wehrmacht its first tank which mounted the 88mm gun in its first armoured fighting vehicle-dedicated version: the KwK 36. During the course of the war, the Tiger I saw combat on all German battlefronts. It was usually deployed in independent heavy tank battalions, which proved highly effective

A Panther unit as viewed over a main gun's muzzle brake. The Panthers belongs to the elite Panzer Lehr Division. Following D-Day in June 1944 it fought British & Canadian forces near Caen delaying Allied seizure of vital towns & objectives by weeks, and in July, Lehr was moved to battle the Americans around Saint-Lô. The photo was taken immediately after the invasion of France...

A Sherman of 6th Armored Division, equipped with huge mine rollers leading a column of vehicles by Nancy, October 1944.

Panther - American soldier with a abandoned German Panzerkampfwagen V Ausf G tank - Panther abandoned due to the lack of fuel, in the Ardennes, Belgium - December 1944

Pershing tank - American heavy tank. This American heavy tank didn't see combat until late in the war, February 1945, where it was introduced in the European Theater. Development was slowed in 1942 because the Sherman tank was evaluated in combat against German Panzer tanks and found to be sufficient.


Scenes of 'Fury': The Brutal Reality of Tank Warfare in World War II

Column of American M4 Sherman tanks bogged down in the mud near Minturno during the campaign to drive German forces from Italy, 1944. Read more: ‘Fury’ in the Real World: Photos of Tank Warfare in World War II |

A Sherman tank waiting to move forward during the battle for Cassino in Italy, 13 May 1944.