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1944 Italy, in Florenz/Ravenna.Panzer V "Panther" driving off-road for the camera.

Destroyed Panther tank turret number 114 in Italy 1944.

Panzer VI (Tiger) in 1944.

A panzer

Panzer V

PzKpfw V Panther from LSSAH

German World War 2 Colour Panther Tank In Position

A German Panther tank standing guard at a town square...

Panther 800, Wiking division ;)

Massive Panther column up incline, counting 12 Panthers #worldwar2 #tanks

Panzer III

Column of Panzer V D 'Panthers'

A Sherman of 6th Armored Division, equipped with huge mine rollers leading a column of vehicles by Nancy, October 1944.

A 13./SS-Panzer-Regiment 1 Tiger Tank fires its main gun into enemy position to provide suppressive counter fire near Petrovka (east of Vinnytsia), Ukraine, February 1944. This was one of the new replacement tanks that were delivered that month and has a small black 2 on the forward art of the turret and on the rear turret stowage box as a tactical identifier. 13./SS-Panzer-Regiment 1 was a schwere Panzer-Kompanie equipped with Tiger tanks for the Leibstandarte Division which was established...

Panzer tanks

American M26 Pershing Heavy Tank

Panther on road hatch down #WorldWar2 #Tanks

American M4A1 tank with the rocket launchers T34 "Calliope" during exponential shooting in Italy

Panther - American soldier with a abandoned German Panzerkampfwagen V Ausf G tank - Panther abandoned due to the lack of fuel, in the Ardennes, Belgium - December 1944

Pershing tank - American heavy tank. This American heavy tank didn't see combat until late in the war, February 1945, where it was introduced in the European Theater. Development was slowed in 1942 because the Sherman tank was evaluated in combat against German Panzer tanks and found to be sufficient.

Foto frontal del acorazado Alemán Bismarck #Historia