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Relationship goals

Relationship goals

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10 Relationship Facts I Wish I Knew Sooner

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If you are the type of person who tends to dwell on relationship goals-adjacent Pinterest and Tumblr pages, chanes are good that, at this point, you are familiar with the concept of a “goofy” relationship. What does this mean? I could not begin to tell you, I but I do know that people want it.

15 "Goofy" Relationship Goals That Will Make You Cringe

It's a pillow fort? I said that then forgot it should be called a blanket fort. I didn't realize people did make it out of pillows!

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Emotional Intelligence – Critical for Success in All Relationships

i would hold my boyfriends hand all the time, just to feel him close to me. that’s what i do with my friends, i literally hold their hand just to make sure they’re still there.