• Ashleigh Roythorne

    You are viewing an impressive image of Valley Rosebud, a Cheyenne Chief. It was taken in 1905 by Edward S. Curtis. The picture shows a Cheyenne Indian Warrior, wearing a feather head dress, on horseback. The horse is drinking water from a small stream. Loved doing about the Native Americans at school

  • artworka

    Edward S. Curtis Cheyenne Indian on Horse 11x14 Silver Halide Photo Print

  • Deanna Fountain

    authentic american indian photos

  • Catherine Broussard

    Native American photography. The Valley of the Rosebud,Cheyenne warrior horseback, year 1905 .Native American art print.

  • Vince Drew

    historical pictures | Cheyenne Indian Chief on Horseback

  • Linda Welch

    Native American History: Native American Sayings or Proverbs

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