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    Fairies in a jar 1. Cut a glow stick and shake the contents into a jar. 2. Add diamond glitter. 3. Seal the top with a lid. 4. Shake.

    How to do glow jars !

    DIY luminosos Cristal Proyectos <<<< i have no idea what that means but this is glowstick shit on glass jars.

    Make a glowing jar. This is not one of those sun jars that I've seen so many tutorials for - it's much simpler than those.

    distilled water + fake flowers + dollar store vases. add a floating candle on top and you have a complete centerpiece.

    Glowing water is so EASY TO MAKE, and can be used in so many ways! Use glow water in place of regualr water to make glowing flubber, glowing bubbles, glowing Crystals.....just to name a few

    Beautiful candle holder using a cd and some old marbles. Great reuse after the kids out grow playing with these things.

    Night party - put a water balloon with a glow stick on the inside in a stocking and hang from trees or ceiling this would be beautiful!!

    Would you ever guess that it's actually a door mat? It's a great way to add drama and vintage charm to your decor without paying a premium price, and since the door mat is much lighter than an actual iron piece, it won't require special hardware to hang. All you need is a fancy door mat [from the dollar store], spray paint, and sand paper!

    FORTY THREE ways to add to glitter to things!!!!

    hang a blown up balloon from a string. dip lace doilies in wallpaper glue and wrap on balloon. once they're dry, pop the balloon and add tea light candle

    Mouse Tin House

    DIY: reuse glass jars - remove stickers with goo gone, spray paint lids, punch hole in lid and add drawer knob..So cute!

    String a needle through and hang! So easy...why have I never thought of this?!? Add glow sticks and you have awesome lights!

    Glow in the dark mason jars. Dot them with glow in the dark paint and let them charge with a lamp or sunlight.

    Glow stick jar

    Make solar garden lights! Find a glass jar, paint the inside with Elmer glue tinted the color you want and then go to the DOLLAR TREE and buy a solar light. Outdoor lights for nearly nothing!

    Plastic Lids Ladybugs

    Creative idea!