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dis funny, love me some PB

So true! At least in my case. Once October is over it is Christmas time baby!

Honey Boo Boo va ninja turtles

Oh Patrick.. u so funny.

Funny Pictures � 41 Pics


This poster was really meant for me as a teenager! I still wonder how my kids turned out so well!!! For all you parents out there who can relate!

Harry Potter >Twilight

Heehee. This kinda made me giggle.

Why I lock the gate at the top of my stairs...

This is one of my FAVORITE twisted, hidden jokes in a Disney film.

Yes and roller coaster and aeroplane and bus-on-a-bridge. Thank final destination. Now I'm afraid of my daily life.

The story of my childhood...

Baby Got Back as computer humor

Video Game Assassinations

Pardon the language but I concur!!!!!

omg so funny.. hilarious photo edit!

College Survival Kit/Tips

not a starwars fan, but this made me laugh lolololol

i'm writing that bitch a sonnet, bitches love sonnets, william shakespeare, words, lol, funny

history humor (not really funny....)

Sooo Funny

Whats 3 Times Dagerous Than War, Click the link to view today's funniest pictures!