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I took mine off to wash my hands at school and I left them on the paper towels and someone stole them.

12 Tye Dye Slap Bracelets - Birthday Party Favors

I remember when they banned slap on bracelets in school cause "kids were getting hurt" wack.

69 things you now realize if you are a 90s kid

Things that kids realize. Seriously so true, this is my childhood. OMG I remember every one of these

scratch 'n sniff stickers were my favorite thing ever

old school scratch and sniff stickers I had hundreds if stickers in my sticker collection, these were my favorite to share :) Xo

My favorite book as a child.....my dad would read it to me all the time.

27 Books Parents Should Read To Their Kids Before They Grow Up

This is my kids favorite book of all time. They still beg me to read this in my Grover voice. Learn the Grover voice, it makes this sooo much fun for them.

"I can go anywhere.  Take a look, it's in a book...on Reading Rainbow"  LOVED that theme song!

I loved Reading Rainbow with LeVar Burton. I remember that song so well.

38 Things you will never experience again. HA! I remember most of these!!

38 Things You Will Never Experience Again

Funny pictures about Scholastic book fair. Oh, and cool pics about Scholastic book fair. Also, Scholastic book fair.

I remember these awesome McDonad's toys!!!

Another installment from my childhood memories of McDonald's. These were a few of my favorite Happy Meal toys when I was younger. I had them all except the ice cream cone and the happy meal

Pogs from The Most Awesome Things From the '90s | E! Online

Pogs from The Most Awesome Things From the '90s

These are pogs. You had this cool tube to keep them in, putting them away really taught us patience. And you had this really big thick pog called a slammer. So much fun.

i remember these

Toy Character Stamps, omg I so remember these! I had a cabbage patch & a my little pony one~AM~

This will always be a good memory.  Mom always loved this candy. Miss you - wish you were here.

We had these every Christmas at great grandma and grandpa Lehr's house. I ha e the candy jar now :) Hard Christmas candies

Lil miss make up

Mattel 1988 toy toys Vintage Little Lil Miss Makeup make-up doll. This was my favorite doll


Light bright, making things with light. outta sight, making thing with light bright!

Loved these markers

The most awesome images on the Internet