Stare Magazine Vol 3 No 19 Stare Magazine Vol 3 No 19Exciting and Lively Picture Pleasure!April 1956A Humorama MagazineCover Photos: Rusty Fisher; Jane Hartwell; Mary Reed. For the time, this was a lively, naughty, and a bit risqué publication! To us it seems tame and times have changed!

Mars are marvelous! #vintage #1940s #food #ads

Wanted poster for Bonnie and Clyde ~ there's that famous dress. Really, 23 is terribly, terribly young. They threw their lives away for their god: Money.

If I was sitting in a carton of giant (and possibly hot) strawberries I would have the same expression. But that’d be because I would be thinking about all the hot-strawberry-covered laundry in my future. #makeup #timewellspent #strawberry #cosmetics #vintage #retro #retroads #vintageads #revlon #laundry

Saturday Evening Post, 1959

"Office Girl Magazine" May,1951.

Ebony Magazine. Betty Shabazz. June 1969.

1945 CHARM-KURL Vintage Hair Styling Product AD Cold-Wave Permanent

"Woman And Home" Magazine. July 1944.

Oooh, let's talk about VACUUM CLEANERS!

Egg-o-See Ad.

Just keep scrubbing, dear.

Available after Jan. 3, 1891

For a casual look, love the scarf tied on top, don't wanna get the hair wet! This is a beautiful cover of a mag or glossy 'novelette' from 40s-50s. The blogger, 'chronologically vintage', who posted this did research it, but came up short. She found it on 'X-ray delta one's' flick stream. He has an awesome stream, worth checking out- all vintage posters, ads, etc. From what I read, he restores the older stuff digitally & then posts 'before & after' shots, to enjoy its original beauty!

Rinso advertisement. From John Bull magazine, week ending 26th July, 1952.

Van Camp's ad

The beautiful, vibrant flower filled cover of the August 1953 edition Today's Woman magazine ("for young wives").

Chase Sanborn Coffee - 1956

Cracker Jacks --back when the prizes were really fun, and there were more than 3 peanuts in the box!

Monsieur Magazine. 1920.

Carrie, Mary & Laura Ingalls...