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Are u frickin serious Tom? We thought you couldn't get any more perfect and then u do this?

Oh come on Tom.. as if you can't do that! ;)

Tom Hiddleston is so adorable sometimes :)

Tom HIddleston with the Tardis...I can't even... This should be completely real.

Tom Hiddleston found the TARDIS! is it Loki in disguise?) :loki uhh thor im stuck in Brittan can you get me:thor. Brother why do you get me in this stuff

Tom Hiddleston talks about Loki's relationship with Frigga.

Tom Hiddleston talks about Loki's relationship with Frigga. Loki and Frigga are both adopted in a seance. Frigga is Odin's wife and not Thor's biological mom. <--- Oh my gosh, I never knew that about Frigga!

This guy is crazy!

Tom hiddleston and Chris hemsworth brotherly love

And here we see a collage of Tom Hiddleston's most popular quotes.

Tom Hiddleston’s laugh.

Tom Hiddleston

Just Tom Hiddleston

Real text messages from real people are often oddly applicable to the Avengers. And the minds behind Texts From The Avengers are really good at fitting the two together.

Loki's smolder //Oh, yes.  I just about died laughing and shall never look at this scene in the same way again.

I littereally just let out a sigh look how sad and vulnerable and adorable he is cot damn I wanna hold him tight and never let go.

Tom Hiddleston has that affect on people.

Tom Hiddleston has that affect on people.<<He has that effect on everyone don't simplify things

Tom Hiddleston! He's got those "puppy eyes" and it's driving me NUTS!!

*runing all over the place, walls.fuck it I can´t calm down he is TOM HIDDLESTON)

I love how excited he is about this flashlight. It's just a light that goes on your head. And in his case, flashes.

Tom Hiddleston: Cuz' you never know when you will need a headtoarch

The sun sets slowly over the lake. It's warm light flickers, lingering over London which seems dim compared to his glowing smile. He rows gently, the button on his shirt straining, not disagreeably, with his movements. You lean back in the small boat, soaking in the scenery and smile. He leans closer. Cinnamon and Pine waft through the air, yet closer he moves.

“ So here we are, Tom Hiddleston and me, in a boat in the middle of the Serpentine as the sun sets on a lovely autumn evening. He is doing the rowing. ‘Shall we turn the boat around?’ the star of Thor.

Lovely words from a very lovely man. Sir, I would accept love songs and chivalrous conduct from you any time, any day, and gladly ;*

My future husband AKA Tom Hiddleston.

Day 8: Favorite Character, part 2--- Tom as King Henry V is just a gift to humankind. The smiles, the smoulders, the iambic pentameter, the copper locks, the leather, his incredible acting, the sword fighting, the horseback riding, and just about everything. Related: I've decided to call Tom King Charming, as Prince just isn't enough to describe him. And he really, really looks the part -- and is it when he mets Katherine -- in The Hollow Crown. Everyone should watch him in this.

King Henry V from The Hollow Crown.