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Ok I'm new to the bits/k-pop thing can someone please explain everything to me.

[Jeon] I was at a restaurant and was waiting for the rest of my original group from across the sea to arrive with Jimin. I looked at the photos i took as a waiter came by and asked. "You gonna order yet?" I look up and stutter a bit. "I'm.. waiting for people.. could i get a few more minutes?" I raise my eyebrows in question and smile a bit.

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BTS Tweet - V ( selca) 150705 --- 아미 오늘 정말 감사하고 활동끝나서 조금못봐도 곁에항상 아미가있단 생각하고 열심히하겠습니다~ 다들 뜨거운밖뚜(짝짝) -- [tran] Thank you so much to the ARMYs today and since the promotions have ended, even if we can’t see you guys for a bit, I will always think that ARMYs are beside us and work hard~ Everyone, hot applause (clap clap) Trans cr; JYeoshin and Mary @ bts-trans

BTS Twitter [151211] Trans @bts_twt : IThank you to ARMYs who came to the recording today We’re coming out soon so to people who are watching, please wait a bit more #JIMIN #MVBank #IAte_TheChickenWell_ThankYou [ JIMIN ]

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BTS Tweet - Suga ( selca) 150705 --- 다들 수고 많았슙~~~!!!!! 조슴만 기다료!!!-- [tran] Everyone worked hard a lot ~~~!!!!! Please wait for a bit more!!! Trans cr; JYeoshin @ bts-trans

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[#오늘의방탄] 뮤직뱅크 연말결산 무대에서 오랜만에 만난 아미들^3^ 반갑구나~! 반가워요 아미들 감기 조심하세요~~! | Twitter Update