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Fish Face Paint

Art with paper

Ok I cracked up laughing

It's all about perspective.

oh my.. hilarious

SPANNER FISH by mother and daughter team at www.sparksculptures.com. Sculptures created by welding salvaged and recycled metal. Inspiration comes from the unusual shapes offered by old tools and scrap.

Stop Light, Switzerland (We Need These In North America) :)

junk in the trunk...lol

This is awesome. Well played, Google, well played.

"Some things only women can do"- This makes me LMAO!

Unfortunate placement

I love technology.

Hahaha! Really want to try this!

can’t stop laughing

fish flip flops

Genetics. this is a little weird but really cool

HAHA idk why i find this hilarious

Ahhhh!! @MorganAllain