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Is it bad I can't wait till June 2nd? I get a day off!! Woohoo! Finally some time will be spent with my boo. Hahaa be ready baby!!! :D ;)

pretty fans and I am just sitting here eating and fat

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confidence allows us to succeed Besides the fact that Niall is my other half, I pinned this for the quote.

Yesterday was #LouisAppreciationDay and now today is the day to appreciate all Zayn did for 1D. Pin every picture of Zayn today with the hashtag #ZaynAppreciationDay

Guys, don't forget about k? I know it is going to be different but we should still do it for all of the boys including Zayn.

Repin if you know all these songs: irresistible, stand up, moments, another world, just cant let her go, magic, truly madly deeply, na na na, forever young, I shoulda kissed you, don't let me go (I think I'm forgetting one or two tho)

I LOVE STANDUP Oh oh oh oh oh so put your hands up cause it's a standup I won't be leavin till I finish stealin every piece of your heart<<< I love that song and Moments!

Ladies and gentlemen, the world's biggest boyband

She's just adorable!

Can she be more beautiful? (¿-¿) That does not ask, she is wonderful! Zayn is so lucky 2 hv her as a fiance

Clearly :)

It's funny cause me and this boy in my class always fight about them like I say they r the best singers and he's like they can't sing and people only like them cause they r hot. I'm like yeah I bought the album to listen to their faces!


cute, one direction and text image on We Heart It