I found this quote on "the day my life swiveled" and realized I needed to move on... Don't look back at what could've happened, and don't over analyze everything.. Realize that everything happens for a reason - the way it's supposed to. And he wasn't the one for you after all.. Because he wouldn't have hurt you the way he did if he truly cared about you.. Just move on because you deserve so much better.


i will do so

i need to worry less

True. Very, very true.


listen to understand


never lose yourself.


As hard as this might be for some to hear, it is one of the best things you can do. Don't be an enabler.... all you do is allow things to keep happening!

Breaking Someones's Trust


be confident in your decisions <3 I try to remember this all of the time when I'm talking about an unpopular decision I've made!

Stop thinking and start living!