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Saddest thing I have ever read in my life..

The Hunger Games.

She done made herself a bird

Donkey and Peeta... two of my faves in one random and hilarious quote

Jennifer Lawrence and Josh Hutcherson. Perfect duo right here. #catchingfire

Hahahaha Jennifer is too great!!

no questions to ask. peeta.


Hunger Games humor

CF humor. Love it.

Girl On Fire

Mockingjay, I have a lot of feelings...


Hunger Games humor l Cato l Rue

Love Jennifer Lawrence.


Way to go, Gale. Way to go.

Real hahaha


Mainly posted for the caption: "Now it makes me wonder... why is there a gathering of hot shirtless men? And why do they all have matching jeans and flip flops? And do they all have the same dentist, because their teeth are so white... so many questions..."

Oh Arthur! you are hopeless without Merlin!

Jennifer Lawerence talking about sawing down the tracker jacker nest in the hunger games. I feel like we'd be best friends.



Why the "Safe & Sound" video is more than it appears.