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One Feisty Stitch: Motivational Monday: Color and Kaffee Fassett

Hayırlı Sabahlar,Güzel bir hafta sonu dileğiyle....

Each state has produced at least one star it is proud to call its own. Some states, like California or New York, were the birthplace for a whole pack of actors. In order to definitively determine the most famous actor or actress, the data scientists a tPrettyFamous queried its celebrity database for the top Hollywood celebrities from each state and the District of Columbia.

fence, fall, Bennington, VT, Vermont, A white fence surrounded by colorful foliage in Bennington in autumn.

If only the leaves turned in California like this...

Autumn colors.this picture reminds of northern Michigan in the fall.and I travel up to northern Michigan every fall to see and photograph beauty like this.