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Funny Weekend Ecard: So, I am going to go stand outside. If anyone asks, tell them I'm OUTSTANDING!

Ecard: You can fix any problem with a straw. HOW? By sucking it the F up!

See??? Dangerous.

I need to start eating more healthy, but first I need to eat all the junk food in the house so it's not there to tempt me anymore.


Such a good idea!

This is probably one of the funniest things I have ever heard. Hahahahahaha

said no one ever



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....try that sometime

"I have a big head and little arms" :) hee hee

Funny but kinda true!

Sometimes when people are talking to me I daydream about what they would do if I suddenly punched them right in the face.

I can see you're upset. Maybe you should post more about it on Facebook. That should help eliminate any drama.PET PEEVE!