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How long has it been since you made your own pizza ?

Chef Boy-Ar-Dee Pizza in a box. The was a Sunday night dinner for 2 couples while watching Bonanza.(or was it Saturday?

remember lighting these and snakes would appear along with a bad smell and your mother yelling at you that you burnt the sidewalk...:D

Firework Snakes - There were always black marks on our sidewalk where we lit these every of July. Loved stomping these when they were done.

I had one of these. by daisy

Chinese Checkers in a Tin with Regular Checkers on the other side and marbles and red/black checkers inside. I loved playing Chinese Checkers! Getting the tin open could prove to be an adventure at times.

Grandfather Clock from Capt. Kangaroo

Grandfather Clock from Captain Kangaroo. Flash from the past. Do you remember this clock on Captain Kangaroo?

Chalk holder so you could make straight lines on the blackboard - great for teaching writing

Chalk holder for making lines or staffs. Teacher had this up by the chalk board to draw lines for writing

Barrel of Monkeys

LAKESIDE: 1965 Barrel of Monkeys - I had the big barrel. they really have not changed except for the barrel

Wild Kingdom :) On before Wonderful World of Disney

Every Sunday night - Good 'ole Marlin Perkins' Wild Kingdom. This was my Mom's favorite TV show.


Merlin game with sounds and red lights. I remember playing this thing a lot in the Such high tech! One of my first electronic games!