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From the Watch Face swipe up. Press and Hold the phone symbol. Ta-da! If your phone is locked it not only will give you an acoustic but also a visual signal by letting the LED flashlight blink. So …

Transferring printed documents to digital text makes the job easier and you don't have to spend your precious time for typing it manually into a new document. Luckily, you can use your iOS device to do *OCR* (Optical Character Recognition). Part (2) with app reviews of Prizmo, Text Grabber, and ImageToText

If you are on-the-go there might be a need for accessing your computer at home. Usually connections are established via a secured VPN connection but there is a much more easier way provided by the app TeamViewer. And it's free for private use. See also Part (2) Part (1)

The app McBackup for Apple's iOS devices For backing up your contacts you can use iCloud or iTunes backup or sync your contacts e.g. with Microsoft Outlook. The disadvantage of iCloud backups as well as iTunes backups is that you cannot restore contacts (or other app specific files) separately. Apple’s backup system allows only to restore the whole device. So in some cases it’s useful to backup the contacts separately.

Apple offers an application called iTunes to install on a Mac/PC. This application provides a functionality called File Sharing for supporting the transfer of files between an iOS device and a computer. Continue reading on by THOMAS UNTERSTENHOEFER on

*Apple's Fingerprint Technology* On September 10, 2013, Apple presented the fingerprint technology for it's flagship, the iPhone 5S and called it *Touch ID*. After an unsuccessful approach in 2011 by Motorola with it's Atrix smartphone it's the first well-functioning fingerprint scanner implemented in a smartphone. *Feel free to download the mind map from within my blog in different file formats.*

*Documents by Readdle* It's indispensable to install a powerful app for file management on an iOS device. Here is a full feature description of the app Documents by Readdle, USA.

Photos taken with my iPhone 6S Plus in our garden in Khon Kaen, Thailand More … Photography School

You can be lucky if a less sophisticated thieve simply takes your device to make some free calls before you can report and your carrier blocks the SIM card. Then he sells your device and the new proud owner begins setting up the device as a new iPhone with a new Apple ID. But there are also very bad guys behaving like terrorists and trying to destroy everything they are able to. A victim could suffer humiliation, identity theft, and lifetime suspension from services and social networks.

With an Apple TV you can use Apple’s AirDisplay feature to display the screen of any iOS device on a TV. If you don’t need all the further functionalities of Apple TV there is a low cost alternative for e.g. displaying Keynote presentations on a TV or on a wall with the help of a beamer. More on